Welcome to Your School Photo Viewing Page

Hello, Camptonville Union Elementary School families! It was an honor to capture your kiddos this past week.

To view your child’s school photos, click on the button just under the video. Once you enter, find your child’s class then their individual gallery. Each of you should have received a password. Each album is password protected. Please contact your school if you did not receive a password or have lost it. Siblings will be in the same folder under the oldest child’s class and name. You can order prints and digital files right from your gallery. PLEASE REMEMBER: If you have two or more children and are going to purchase the digital files, please pay under the multiple children option. Thank you.


I set a quick order deadline because I order all the photos at once to keep the costs low. Other than digital files, print orders will not be available after this date. With ANY collection order, you will receive a FREE 5x7 class photo. You will have the option of ordering a 5x7 class photo on its own. Just go to your child’s class gallery and find their class photo album. You can choose to order a 5x7 or a digital file. The picture is not correctly sized for other prints. Only a 5x7 will be printed.

I have prepared a video for you to hopefully answer all of your questions. I you still have questions, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Please complete the form below if you have questions for me

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