H Family | Roseville Family Photographer

These are some of my very favorite people and it was so much fun to photograph their sweet family.  We went to a place where the kids were in heaven running around and exploring.  I loved capturing all the happiness they exude!

Gotta love that jack-o-lantern smile!

This guy brought his homemade bow and arrows and was on a mission to find some turkeys to kill for dinner :-).  


So much joy!

His beloved horse went with him everywhere.  


J+D | Roseville Engagement Photographer

My little sister is getting married this summer and came out from Utah a few weeks ago so that we could meet her fiancĂ©.  They are perfect for each other and we had fun taking some engagement pictures before they had to head back.  I'm so excited for them to start this next chapter in their lives!


This is my Great-Grandmother's engagement ring.  My sister was able to keep it and it is now her engagement ring.  I inherited her beautiful wedding band.  It is so special to have a personal part of her with us.

Monterey and the Coast of California

The northern coast of California is so beautiful (that's an understatement).   Every time I see it, I feel like I never want to move away from California...ever.  We took a trip with family (who happen to also be some of our very best friends) to Monterey and along the coast.  We had the best time spending time together, playing, splashing, going to the aquarium, and just enjoying the stunning locations we visited.  I wonder if people who live there ever get bored with the views.  It is hard to imagine!

It isn't a hotel stay without jumping on the beds!


Baby Banana Brush | Roseville Commercial Photographer

All three of my kids have used the teethers and toothbrushes from Baby Banana Brush and absolutely loved them, so when they contacted me to take pictures of their products with models, of course I agreed!  If you have a teething baby or a toddler that needs a good toothbrush, this is the product for you.  They are soft, bendable, easy to grip, provide relief to sore gums, are in a variety of fun designs, and most importantly, safe.  As they get older, they can graduate to the Elefriend toothbrush, which is a fairly new product for their company.  Most toddlers brush their teeth too hard, but this toothbrush is bendable and prevents any damage that might happen if they were to be too rough on their teeth.  Plus, it is an elephant toothbrush!  Anyway, have a look and see just how cool their products are!

Yellow Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

Pink Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush


Cornelius Teething Toothbrush

Sharky Brush

EleFriend Toddler Toothbrush

Darling C | Roseville Children's Photographer

I had the opportunity to do a commercial shoot for an awesome baby product (more to come) and had to get 7 different baby/toddler models.  Darling C was one of the them and we decided that we might as well get some pictures of just her while we were at it.  This beauty radiates such happiness and those cheeks are so squishable!  I had so much fun watching her little personality unfold!


C Turns One! | Roseville Lifestyle Photographer

Cute little C was turning one and his mama wanted some pictures of him in his home (and I had to make sure we got some with her in them) and then we ended with some cake smashing.  I absolutely love the special relationships that mothers and sons have and this was no exception.  C was not interested in his cake, however, and no amount of coaxing could persuade him.